…Can’t, I have to study 😭😭😭

Nursing student: I miss you too!

Friend: Hey, i miss you so much!

Friend: We need to go out, have some fun

Nursing student: Definitely, I miss going out so much. I’m down!

…Two weeks later

***Nursing student at home binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix

Friend: Hey, wassup. A bunch of us bout to head to this new spot tonight, wanna come?

Nursing student: …Can’t, I have to study 😭😭😭

Okay guys, confession time. Many of us, if not all, have used nursing school to get out of social obligations. Do you remember the first time you dropped that line….Can’t, I have to study, the feeling of total absolvement that came with it? After all it is true, you do have to study…although you aren’t at that current moment.  

The truth is, nursing school can become emotionally taxing. Week after week, we survive the hardship of constant assignments, exams and clinical rotations. At the end of the week, it can all become both physically and emotionally draining. And hanging out with friends, is the last thing one might want to do.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have truly missed hanging out with friends. It’s the one most constant thing I’ve missed since starting nursing school. However, at times going out just simply seems forbidden. When there’s so much more you can be doing, going out somehow makes me feel guilty. Staying in and doing absolutely nothing somehow makes me feel less guilty. And I’m sure most of you can relate.

At the same time I’m not cutting myself off from a social life because of nursing school. With properly scheduled time, a nursing student can both excel in their studies and still find time to enjoy with friends. But for the ones that choose to stay in, to recuperate from the toils and hardships of the week seldomly in the comfort of their own home while binge watching Netflix, well… that’s okay too.

So the next time your friend asks you to go out, and you not up for it. Just hit ’em with that good ole… Can’t, I have yo study! Do away with the guilt. Spending time alone to center one’s self is an effective tool to attain knowledge and info. Self care is important and necessary in surviving nursing school. Til next time guys…

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