You’ll get through this, we promise.

Are you a prospective or current nursing student? Did you just make it out? KUDOOSSS to you!

You’ve stumbled into the right place! The Nursing School Survivors is run by seven 4th level accelerated nursing students at Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus).

Now this isn’t a nursing school information session nor information you could find in a pamphlet; we plan to tell you all the things we wish we knew before we entered nursing school so you avoid the unnecessary mishaps we faced. Week by week we plan to give you insights into surviving exams, clinical rotations, administrative rigamaroo, back to back assignments and so much more, all while maintaining a social life. Most of all we want to help you take the edge off of nursing school for our currents out there and for our prospective nursing students we hope to make this transition as seamless as we possibly can.

But first, some introductions!

Drum Roll Please…

Michala, Future Maternity Nurse or ER Trauma Nurse

Delicia, Future NICU Nurse

Tashi, Future Labor & Delivery or Wound Care Nurse

Ang, Future Psych or Geriatric Nurse

Logan, Future Community Nurse to the LGBTQIAP+

Jonelle, Future Pediatrics, Mental Health, or Maternal Health Nurse

Keshia, future Neuro Nurse

As a reader we want one thing! Please follow our blog and drop questions/comments

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