First Things First

Do you have so many things to do that you’re not sure where to start?

Is your calendar so full that it’s unreadable?

Do you even remember what a night without studying feels like?

If you relate to these questions then this post is for you. Nursing school can be overwhelming. The pace, the boat loads of material, and the exams can seem endless. But good news! There’s a few hacks to making time for yourself.

  1. Figure out how you manage your time best. Some people swear by Google calendar and others prefer paper schedules. Whatever works for you, use it! Block out the hours you’re in class, clinicals, lab, job, family or other responsibilities. If you don’t have much left over, don’t worry. The point is knowing where you have wiggle room.
  2. Realistically estimate how much time you need to complete assignments. Be generous, you know you’re gonna want to scroll through your phone. Plan for distractions. This way you are not stressed about every free minute.
  3. Find Time. Your commute is a great time to listen to nursing podcasts or review your lecture notes. When I’m cooking dinner or mopping the floor, I’ll have YouTube nursing channels on or review ATI videos running in the background.
  4. Double Up. Study and do assignments with friends. A fresh perspective and some company can do wonders. If you’re a lone wolf in your program, or if you just study better solo, find other sources of inspiration and camaraderie. There are many opportunities to learn with others virtually. Explore options and seek new ways of learning and connecting. Join a nursing student association or a club to broaden your horizons. You’ll be introduced into new situations and people who have been where you are, maybe even had the same professors you do. Any advice could be helpful.

Have ideas or comments?

We welcome your input. Thanks for reading!


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