How to cope with stress…

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I am sure everyone wants a stress free life and so do I. But life without stress is a myth and especially if you are a nursing student stress becomes part of your everyday routine. By the way I am not trying to scare you but it’s the truth. You’ll be stressing over an assignment, exam, care plan, lab and clinical.

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I still remember our first semester like it was yesterday where we had to take Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Health assessment and Fundamentals and Oh my God!!! it felt like I was taking part in a hunger games. It was super stressful to the point where I got white hair and trust me I never ever had a single strand of white hair before that. I always felt like I would pass out before an exam and cursed myself out for putting myself in a stressful situation. I was so stressed out to the point where I would sleep for less than 4 hours ever day and during exams I hardly slept because there was so much to study. I never went out and always stayed in to do my assignments or study and I felt like I had no life. And that was my biggest mistake!! Today when I look back I wish I had done things differently a year back in order to manage my time and cope with my stress. But it’s never too late to change. So, let me give you few tips on how I managed to cope with my stress and how it made my life so much easier as a nursing student.

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  1. Get enough sleep and rest: I know some of you might be like that’s not a tip but I know as a nursing student there is so much to do and study and sometimes 24 hours feels like it is not enough and just like me there are many of you out there who don’t get enough sleep or rest in order to finish an assignment or cramp up before the deadline. So, I suggest you to get enough hours of sleep and trust me you will be able to see the difference once you start getting the proper amount of sleep.
  2. Exercise: Trust me you don’t have to sign up for a gym membership, carry dumbbells, and lift weights when I tell you to exercise. Just 10 mins of running or walking in the park can clear your mind and make so much difference. Take 10 mins out of your busy schedule put on your running shoes and leave your books and laptop on the table and go get some fresh air. You will thank me later.
  3. Meditate: It has been scientifically proven that 5-10 minutes of meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and help you clear your thought and help you control stress, decrease anxiety and improve your health. It can be a challenge to focus in the beginning but after a while you will get the hang of it. I promise! You’re also going to enjoy doing it because all you have to do is find a comfortable spot and sit there with your eyes closed and relax.
  4. Make time for your friends and family: Please DO NOT isolate yourself just because you are in nursing school and have an assignment due or have to study. People do that often and I did it too and it was bad. When you’re alone with your books and stressed out because of school just remember to take a break and talk to a family member or friend and go for a walk or go get a coffee. Talking or spending some time with a friend or your close ones can calm your soul and be very therapeutic.

These are the tips that I used while I was very stressed and it helped me. I am not saying that you won’t be stressed, you will be but these tips will definitely help you cope with stress in the long run. I really hope that these tips will help you guys like how it has helped me. Always remember guys that you need to take care of yourself first in order to take care of you patient. GoodLuck!!

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